DVR have X-Ray Capability
26 July 2018

To further enhance our quality and processes at DVR we have introduced X-Ray inspection. Our X-Ray machine is an YXLON Cheetah EVO Series.

DVR took the decision to add X-Ray inspection to our portfolio due to component technologies that have become increasingly smaller and much more difficult to inspect using conventional inspection processes. The inspection of devices such as DFN and QFN/SON (Quad Flat No Lead/Small Outline No Lead) necessitate enhanced inspection as QFN/SONs are packages with a plastic small outline and no lead, with no lead extending beyond the package body. With package sizes < 1mm package height and with a real desire to produce high quality PCB assemblies the need to introduce X-Ray was not a luxury but a requirement.

Some of our customers have been insistent that their assemblies have X-Ray inspection. This was a process that in the past DVR used to subcontract. Needless-to-say, this had some further cost implications and often a time constraint due to the geographic location of the service.

At DVR we believe in delivering only the best quality service, therefore, our equipment needs to match our facility and personnel as we believe we have one of the best manufacturing facilities in the UK.

To view the DVR facility and take advantage of our equipment and services contact the sales team at DVR. Telephone: 01268530032, We’re ready when you are!