Potting and Conformal Coating

Protect your product.

Our team has gained a great deal of experience and specialist knowledge in this area from years of working with the automotive and lighting industries.

We continue to be industry-leaders in this area of our business and have invested in a confined manufacturing facility to provide customised conformal coating and potting, using many different compounds that can be sprayed on or applied through special applicators for two part or single part epoxy materials with UV or heat curing.

For a more repetitive-driven job we have a specially commissioned 3 axis AEB Robotics liquid dispenser with a flow-rate control system, giving excellent and accurate reapplication on dispensed sealants and bonding. Our advanced technology machines have the capability to dispense many different types of resins with a varying mix of ratios to suit any customer’s needs.

If required, we also have extracted conformal coating options for your assemblies.