Take a look at our new acquisition!
19 February 2016

DVR are pleased to show off our new acquisition!

A Fusion selective soldering machine from Pillarhouse Int Ltd, one of only two in the UK currently.

With our continued investment in technology and our total commitment to improving our manufacturing processes and so enable DVR to compete with the leading contract manufacturers in the UK we believe that selective soldering is the way forward. The selective soldering machine enables the soldering of conventional components on the underside of PCB’s whilst avoiding any closely positioned SM components in the process. The repeatability and quality of the soldering is outstanding! The process allows the fluxing of individual legs of leaded devices and the subsequent soldering, this ensures that the joints are perfectly clean and formed every time. There is no need for cleaning of the PCB’s after soldering. The machines capability also guarantees that any sensitive components are not subjected to excessive heat that can be found with traditional hand soldering methods.

Pillarhouse statement on selective soldering:

It is often necessary to process leaded components which are in a very close proximity to surface mounted parts. Selective Soldering offers the ability to accurately control a nozzle flow under nitrogen inertion so that parts can be soldered without any damage to the nearest surface mount devices.
In some cases we can solder points as close as 1mm to the nearest surface mount component, thus offering a highly flexible and cost-effective solution.

If you would like to see the machine in operation please contact our sales team for a viewing.
01268530032 or sales@dvr-ltd.co.uk

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