Significant New Contracts Awarded to DVR Ltd
08 August 2014

Great work everyone at DVR, the directors are proud of your achievement!

David Hellings MD.

In the last 6 months DVR have won 4 new significant contracts that have doubled our turnover year on year. We can now boast to be in excess of £4 Million turnover. The hard work and continued investment have established DVR to be one of the leading electronic CEM’s in the UK. With assured and positive direction from our MD David Hellings who’s continued belief in Re-Shoring products back to the UK is paying off. David believes that our equipment is at the very front end of electronic assembly processes and enables us to compete in a very competitive and price sensitive market. On top of the capital equipment investment DVR have invested in new personnel to compliment our new assembly processes. Our team is only as good as the people that are in it and we believe that our team is strong. Many of our team have been sent on new training courses to continually stay at the top of their skill set. With further plans in place to continue the growth of DVR we hope by this time next year we will be a further £1 Million up on where we are today.

Keep up the good work!