On site design capability to be expanded at DVR
11 July 2016

With continued investment in manufacturing technology at DVR in the form of new equipment and additional training of our personnel, DVR is pleased to announce that our design team is to be expanded to complement our growing portfolio.

It goes without question that having an in-house design option gives DVR more scope when it comes to selling a service to our customers. An added bonus is that some of the design team are black belt in lean manufacturing. This enables our designers to design for manufacture at the start of a design. The best cost saving for any project is in the beginning where the layout and development of any product must be viewed with manufacturing and ease of assembly in mind.

Our design team are multi-faceted and we can encompass many elements of design capabilities. Some of the services we can offer are as follows,

* Digital design.
* Analogue design.
* PCB layout and design.
* Mechanical design.
* EMC & Pre-compliance consultancy.
* Reverse engineering.
* Software/Firmware development.
* Test & Manufacture.
* Full system design and support.
* Test jigs and test equipment.

We are already working with some blue-chip organisations that have allowed us to develop projects ranging from safety-critical devices for the London Underground to fully integrated tractor dash displays. From these designs, DVR as a manufacturing organisation has benefited from high production volumes with annual contracts due to the design for manufacture policy incorporating cost savings for our customers.

Our design process,

* The concept, understanding your design and business requirements.
* The proposal, detailing the timelines and project costs.
* The Electronic Design, bringing the idea to life.
* Mechanical design, if required
* Software Development, our designers will incorporate firmware, PC software and IOS development as
* Prototyping, the proving process.
* Production volumes and delivery.

Needless to say, the expansion will allow our design team manager to add more services and expertise to the team with the addition of new team members over the coming months. For more information about our capabilities and how we can assist you in your requirement please contact the sales team at DVR, sales@dvr-ltd.co.uk or by calling 01268530032. We will arrange a meeting with one of our design team members who will endeavour to bring your ideas to life!

We’re ready when you are!