MYCRONIC Trilogy Line
16 March 2020

Continued investment at DVR remains with the introduction of a MYCRONIC Trilogy Line and is the first in the UK.  The new line comprises of 3-placement systems placed side by side consisting of MY300-HX, MY300-HX and MY300EX. This new equipment gives DVR further placement capacity of an additional 100,000 placements an hour. This enhancement gives DVR a further 25% additional production capability. Our existing equipment gave DVR 150,000 placements an hour and with the new equipment we are up to 250,000 placements an hour.

The new equipment can place 01005 components, micro BGA’s and with the introduction of bottom termination devices such as QFN and DFN’s our equipment sets DVR aside amongst many other CEM’s as being one of the best manufacturing facilities in the UK. DVR now have 2-New Product Introduction (NPI) Lines that further augments out prototyping capability that again sets us aside from our competitors as we are offering 3 to 5-day turnaround prototyping service. A service that some of our “blue chip clients” demand.

The investment in excess of £600K continues DVR’s approach to keep ahead of the competition by always staying at the forefront of manufacturing in the UK.

For further information or to see the placement system in action please contact DVR and arrange your viewing. Contact DVR Ltd