LED Lamp for Railway Signalling developed by DVR Ltd
06 March 2017

Overview The DVR Tube Tunnel LED Lamp is the perfect, direct replacement for old filament or inefficient LED types. Key features:

  • Uniform colour across the lens                       
  • Viewing angle of 22°
  • Colour class compliant with BS1376:1974
  • Minimum of 5 years lifespan
  • Lamps clearly and indelibly marked with their colours to avoid misplacing 
  • BA15/D 2-pin bayonet cap, fully compatible with existing head units
  • Safe-to-handle temperature under both normal operating and failure conditions  Internal fuse to protect the signalling system
  • Surge-resistant up to 2 kV, optionally extendable up to 4 kV Discernible degraded mode in the event of any failures, which keeps the light operating until replaced

Design Compliance

The DVR lamps have been designed to meet the highest of Railway Standards:

  • Colour of Light Signals BS-1376:1974 
  • Red:  Class C
  • Yellow: Class B
  • Green:  Class C
  • EMC EN50121-4
  • IP54
  • Environmental EN50155
  • RoHS Compliant Fire Precautions Regulations 1989, E1045 and LUL standard Fire Safety Performance of Materials 2-01001-002

For further information please contact DVR Ltd, 01268530032 or email, sales@dvr-ltd.co.uk