Laser Marking Introduced at DVR Ltd
20 June 2017

To add to our growing equipment portfolio DVR have introduced Laser Marking in-house.

An increasing demand to have products marked permanently to avoid copyright issues and reduce costs on labelling due also to demand by our customers, DVR have committed to introducing  Laser Marking. Some assemblies live in harsh environments where traditional labels can become detached or destroyed, Laser marking is the answer! the marking never gets eroded away and helps with tractability long into the future where traditional labels could become unreadable. 

The laser can mark metal, PCB’s and plastics in the finest detail either for bar-codes, identification or graphical images of company logos or elaborate designs to suit any artistic flare, this also reduces the need for expensive labels.

DVR are currently marking anodised metals in black or silver in extremely fine detail. DVR also mark plastics that are required in harsh underground environments that need serial identification and product codes to be read permanently.

For further information please contact DVR, 01268530032 or visit our website where there is a video of our facility and images of laser marking in action.