Introducing Speed Assembly Services Ltd.
26 January 2022

DVR Ltd is proud to introduce Speed Assembly Services Ltd.

Speed Assembly Services Ltd, SAS Ltd is our new fast turn around prototyping facility that is managed and controlled by you the engineer. All assemblies are made in the UK at our Basildon facility.

SAS Ltd offers a low-cost, fast-turnaround PCB Assembly manufacturing service for all new electronic designs required at the pre-production bench top stage. Our focus is to provide fast prototyping and lower volume PCB assembly service, to complement design engineers and their need to rapidly test new and innovative electronic concepts.

SAS Ltd allows the engineers to have direct access to order and mange the supply of prototype PCB’s without the expensive input of additional resources required for production volumes etc. This enables SAS Ltd to drive down the cost of pre-production assemblies where the cost savings are passed on directly to you the customer.

For further information contact SAS Ltd Support and start your journey wit a low cost fast turn around prototype assembly.