DVR Ltd now have X-Ray Capability
15 December 2017

To add to DVR’s increasing equipment portfolio and to meet the demands of our customers DVR have now invested in X-Ray to further enhance our inspection and quality processes.

The need for X-Ray inspection is becoming a necessity as the size and complexity of components are becoming increasingly smaller that can result in surface mount placement issues. X-Ray enables our quality team to look at devices that could possibly present problems before and after the reflow operation. The X-Ray equipment will also help our test department diagnose faults on devices that are bottom termination and notoriously difficult to inspect with conventional equipment.

DVR carry out a lot of potting hear on-site at Basildon; X-ray will allow us the opportunity to inspect the condition of the potting material after curing to ensure that the resin has flowed and formed correctly around the electronics. If a failure of the electronics occurs after potting X-Ray will enable DVR to carry out an inspection of the unit to determine the failure and so make changes for future products and improve the first time pass rate. For further information about our X-Ray equipment and capability please contact the sales team for more information. 

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