DVR exhibiting at Southern Manufacturing 2016
18 February 2016

Southern Manufacturing 2016 has been and gone, however, this year was not without its fair share of excitement. With the inclement weather on Monday 8th February, we were not able to set up our exhibition equipment until 22.00hrs that evening. We managed to get most of the big equipment up and finished by 01.30hrs in the morning ready for the grand opening at 09.30hrs on the 9th February. Needless to say a great team effort by all ensured that we were ready for the grand opening.

I’m sure you would agree it’s an impressive stand that certainly caught the eye of many guests attending the event.

We are pleased to say that the 2016 exhibition for DVR was well attended with many new opportunities and hopefully some of them can be converted into new sales for DVR. The indications were certainly positive. DVR are always exploring new ways to increase our sales and we found that having the synthesisers on display certainly attracted a considerable amount of attention. The complexity of the builds was impressive and was commented on by many who took a look at the synthesisers. Unfortunately, they were not live and playable, we had a lot of requests from guests that wanted the opportunity to play the synthesisers. Next time we will make sure the synthesisers are playable as this may attract more attention and potential customers!

If you require further information about DVR and wish to view our impressive facility please contact a member of the sales team on 01268530032 or via e-mail,

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