001 Synthesiser Assembly at DVR Ltd
13 July 2015

The first 001 Modal Synthesiser has left the production line!

DVR have won a significant contract to manufacture, test and assemble synthesisers at the DVR facility. The first model to roll off the production line is the 001 Synth (as it’s known in the industry). DVR have won further contracts to build other Synth’s, 002, 002R and 008’s. Our customer has designed a product that is considered to be at the very front end of synthesiser technology and offers some exciting new features. DVR are proud to be a part of this exciting project!

Needles to say the synths are required to be of the highest quality. DVR have won this business due in part to the quality of products we produce here at DVR in Basildon. DVR’s commitment to continued investment in capital equipment, automation and training enable us to win more and more exclusive box build assemblies.

It’s worth pointing out that there is an exclusive list of clients ordering the 001 Synthesiser. Some of the users are well-known musicians and are household names.

Take a look at our testimonials page and read the reviews posted by Modal!

We are pleased to say that the synths are British made to Modals exacting standards!

For more information please contact the sales team at DVR.

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